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WEDDING Videography

If you have started to plan your wedding, or you have been planning for a while, you may have considered hiring a wedding videographer. Many people find it hard to justify spending money on both a photographer and videographer but wedding videography captures what photography cannot. As both a wedding photographer and videography on Vancouver Island, I can't be biased. 

Imagine sitting down 10, 20, even 40 years from now and having a video like to watch. You are the star of this mini film. I have compiled my top 10 reasons why someone should hire a wedding videographer.  Have a look at both and see for yourself! I would be happy to answer any of your questions related to wedding videography in Campbell River, Victoria, or across the island. Just click the button below. 

General Wedding Video Information

As a wedding videographer, I film 6-10 hour weddings as well as Wedding Elopements in Campbell River and Victoria, BC. Wedding Videography Packages start at $2,300. You can find more information regarding my Victoria Wedding Videography packages, or Campbell River Wedding Videography packages here.  The average couple spends roughly $3,400 for a full day of filming their wedding but there is a wide range of options! 

What do I receive in a Wedding Video collection?

While filming your wedding, I take a wide range of long videos and short video clips. All wedding videography packages include a highlight video (between 5-13 minutes) and long clips of the day such as a full video of the bride and groom's first look, the wedding ceremony, the reception, the speeches, first dances, you name it. Whatever wedding moments are important to you, I will film! 

If you would like to see a full wedding video album, please reach out! You can watch any of my recent wedding videos above.  If you love my video style and want to connect, send me a message. 

What is your Wedding Video style? 

My wedding videos aim to show the best and most exciting parts of the day. I'm not here to make your wedding video moody (unless that's the style you want), I'm here to make it look as exciting as it is! I capture vibrant and bold moments, showing the two of you in your element together. I am all about the little hidden moments. 

As a videographer at your wedding, I will capture the real authentic moments. I describe myself as a fly on the wall, sneaking around getting everything real about your day. 

What are people saying after receiving their wedding video? 

"We were going back and forth on deciding whether or not to hire a videographer and we are so so so happy we decided to do it and work with Hayley. The videos turned out amazing and she did such a great job capturing our day and all the little moments that made it so special. She was able to capture the whole ceremony, all the speeches AND give us a highlight video of the full day. We have loved being able to watch the videos and relive the day, it's also been great to share the videos with some of our family members who could not attend the wedding. Hayley was so fun and easy to work with, she fit right into our wedding party and worked together so well with our photographer. We would 100% recommend working with Hayley and having her as a wedding videographer, she was an absolute pleasure to work with." - Jeremiah & Shardae Lang

"During the planning process, I had a few close friends say that their one regret from their wedding was not hiring a videographer. I can’t begin to explain how happy we are that we made this choice. Hayley is friendly, easy-going, and made us feel so comfortable. Hayley is easy to communicate with and she took into account everything we had hoped for in our video. The results from the wedding video are beyond what we had ever imagined! Every time we watch it (which is still frequent... even months after our wedding day has passed) we smile, laugh, and cry. It brings us so much joy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and to see our guests dancing up a storm. The video perfectly displays all of the love we felt on our wedding day! We know that we will treasure the moments Hayley captured on film for years to come. So, if there is even a doubt in your mind about hiring a videographer for your wedding, I would without hesitation recommend you choose Hayley to document your special day!" - Anna and Chris Backhouse

Do you work well with other Photographers?


I am both a wedding photographer and wedding videographer, so I know what it's like to be the photographer. When I am filming, I let the photographer do their thing. I work around them and often times work much better! They get all the candid photos + all the posed photos, and I just stand in the background capturing it all. 

If there is a moment or shot I really want, I will speak up but for the most part, I won't step on anyone's toes or interupt their process. 

When should I book a Wedding Videographer?

You should book a wedding videographer between 10-20 months before your wedding day. If you have a long weekend wedding, the sooner the better. I try to be as flexible as possible. When it comes to wedding videos, people often book last minute. In the summer of 2020, I accepted a booking 1 week before an elopment took place so if I am available I will accommodate as quickly as I can! 

When will I receive the final videos? 

Wedding videos take a very long time to edit because there is often times more footage than the actual time the wedding took place. Watching all that footage and picking out the best clips is a tedious, but exciting process. I believe it takes upwards of 5 months for your full album to be ready, depending on how many other videos are being made at the time. 

If it is urgent, I can create a short wedding highlight video for the time being. 

We are interested in learning more or booking you to film our wedding! What are the next steps?

I'd like to hear more about your plans or ideas for your wedding! Let's have a conversation. Please reach out through phone or email through my contact page, and then we can have a meeting online, in person, or over the phone to discuss a few more details. To fully book your day, I require a 30% deposit and a signed contract. There are a variety of payment options as well!