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First of all, congratulations on your engagement. I'm guessing you are starting to dip your toes in the Wedding Planning process. Perhaps you just started searching for a Wedding Photographer, or you've been searching for awhile. I'd like to think you have come to the right place. I am a Wedding Photographer in Victoria BC, as well as a Wedding Videographer in Victoria. I also Photograph Weddings in Campbell River and all the rest of Vancouver Island. 


I am passionate, energetic, and genuinely excited to be part of your Wedding Day. I always strive to go above and beyond when it comes to Wedding Photography or Wedding Videography. I want you to be able to look back at your wedding photos or videos and relive the entire day again. With my light, and bold images, you will be sure to remember every amazing detail of your wedding, including those moments you might not even witness. 

If you hire me as your wedding photographer, I can also utilize my videography skills to film parts of the day such as the speeches, first dances, or part of the ceremony! I'd love to hear what you are looking for in a photographer or videographer. Shoot me a message and let's chat! 

General Wedding Photography Information

I photograph 6-12 hour Weddings as well as Wedding Elopements across Vancouver Island. Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,300 (5 hours). You can find more information regarding my Victoria Wedding photography packages, or Campbell River Wedding photography packages here.  The average couple spends roughly $3,400 for a full wedding day but there is a wide range of options! 

What do I receive in a Wedding Photography collection?

All wedding photography packages include a minimum of 80 high-resolution photos per hour of photography. For example, an 8-hour wedding will have a minimum of 640 images - but oftentimes, it is much more. Images are sent in a beautifully laid out gallery for you to download digital files, create a list of favourite images, send to friends or family, and order prints through. 

If you'd like to see what a full wedding photo album looks like, check out a blog post with a full story. This will give you a better idea of what you will receive! If you love my style and want to connect, send me a message. 

When I book you as a Wedding Photographer, can you also film parts of the day?

Yes, I do both! There are two different ways to go about this. 

1. I will be your wedding photographer first and foremost. But, when important moments occur, I can also film with my other camera. Often times couples choose to film the 'first look', parts of the wedding ceremony, the first dances, some of the speeches, and more. 

2. I will be both your wedding photographer and wedding videographer. I can photograph roughly 70% of the time, and also film for 30% of the time. This way, you will receive an abundance of wedding images, along with a vibrant yet smooth wedding highlight video. These highlight videos range from 4-8 minutes depending on the length of the wedding day. 

What is your wedding photography style? 

When it comes to wedding photos, I create vibrant, light, and bold images. I am all about natural outdoor lighting. The images will also represent the two of you the way you truly are. I am less about posing you in the perfect way, and more about capturing the experience of it all. I have a healthy mix of organic, candid shots as well as offering direction or giving you prompts to naturally get you into those 'picture perfect' positions. 

As a Wedding Photographer, I capture authentic, real moments like the look in your parents' eyes as you say 'I do,' the subtle glances from the two of you know how in love you are, or the bursts of laughter from the entire wedding party during the reception. I will be what you need me to be: A fly on the wall photographing moments in the background or a bigger presence helping you get those picture-perfect images in the most natural way.

Your day should run smoothly without too much direction from me. Of course, we will take some time away from the guests to get wedding photos of the two of you, or with your wedding party, but personally, I don't want this to take too much time away from your day (unless you want to spend more time doing this)! I want you to feel comfortable 

What do people like about your photography style?

"Her talent to use raw light is what made us gravitate towards her! Her professionalism and positive attitude make her so easy to work with! Hayley is so understanding and her attitude really reflects the love you put into her profession and for that we are grateful." - Katrina J.

"I was happy to find that Hayley was great to work with as she has an easygoing, positive attitude. I was surprised at how attentive Hayley was in capturing the naturally beautiful moments not only between my partner and I, but our families and our beautiful outdoor ceremony venue. Hayley is a  passionate, skilled photographer who is open to any suggestions and is dedicated to capturing all the moments and poses you would like for your special day!" - Joy W. 

"Hayley was easy to communicate with, flexible with her time, creative with her ideas, and open to ours. She was professional, respectful, patient, kind, understanding, clear, and focused. We love our wedding photos and would (and have) recommend her to anyone looking for amazing and memorable photos for their special occasion." - Matt & Markella

"Hayley is one of the most talented, creative, and easy to get along with photographers that I have worked with. She really brought in our personalities into the pictures which I feel is one of the special aspects of her photography. Not only were the photographs beautiful, but she truly made the experience so fun, easy, enjoyable and comfortable." - Savannah L.​

When should I book a Wedding Photographer?

I book up to 20 months in advance for the most part. Most clients book me as their wedding photographer roughly 1 year in advance for weekend dates, but it honestly varies so much! Especially for the summer of 2020. I was accepting bookings 1 week before an elopement took place. I always do my best to accommodate your plans.

What is the perfect amount of time to hire a Wedding Photographer?

Of course, this all depends on what your day looks like. Are you eloping? Only looking to have the ceremony photographed? Wanting photos from the entire day?

As far as the traditional, larger wedding goes, I usually say 6-8 hours is great. My ideal wedding day looks a little something like this.

1.5 Hours of Bridal Party and Groomsmen getting ready. This gives me time to take photos of the details such as your wedding rings, bouquet, gifts to one another, pre and post getting ready. 

1.5 Hours of the Ceremony and Family Photos. Usually, the ceremony takes roughly 15 - 30  minutes (The quickest time will ever flyby is during the ceremony). I like to show up at the wedding ceremony location with some time to plan out my shots, and capture guests arriving. I photograph the full ceremony and then take family photos after. This is the only time the entire family will be in one location at the same time so we must take advantage of it! 

30-90 minutes for wedding party photos. This can be quick or a bit longer depending on the location or locations we choose for these photos. During this time, we will take intimate photos of the two of you as well. This time has the greatest amount of variables so we can discuss this time further! I don't want you to miss your actual wedding day by being gone taking photos for too long. 

2-4 Hours of cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, first dances, wedding games, and more. This is where candid magic continues. 

10-20 minutes for photos of just the two of you again. This gives you some more alone time after the last few hours of enjoying time with family. This time usually matches up with the sunset for those extra stunning photos. 

I would like to see a full wedding gallery!

I want to show you full weddings to make sure our styles align well! Click here to see a full wedding photography galleries and stories


How long does it take to edit and send the wedding photos?

Depending on the season, it could take at most 3 months. With weddings outside of May-August, I anticipate a 1-2 month turn around time. My goal is to send you at least 15 images within the first few days of your wedding. This way you have some images to share!

How many wedding photos do you send?

I guarantee a minimum of 85 images per hour that I am at the wedding. For the most part, the majority of my 2020 weddings received over 800 images during their 6-8 hour wedding. 

We are interested in learning more or booking you! What are the next steps?

I'd like to hear more about your plans or ideas for your wedding! Let's have a conversation. Please reach out through phone or email through my contact page, or just below this and then we can have a meeting online, in person, or over the phone to discuss a few more details. To fully book your day, I require a 30% deposit and a signed contract. There are a variety of payment options as well!  

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