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Updated: Apr 10

Sayward Riverside Wedding with Campbell River Wedding Photographer

On Saturday August 8th, 2020 Shelly and Nick had their wedding beside the river hidden at the end of their massive backyard. Surrounded by family and close friends, these two had the perfect mix of a serene ceremony, followed by adventure and a really great time.

Part 1: Getting Ready

I love this part of the morning. The candid wedding photos just flow so nicely. There are wedding jitters, but also lots of smiling faces. I love capturing the looks on people's faces when they see the bride in her wedding dress for the first time. The morning always plays out so naturally. Wedding Photography is more than just the ceremony itself. I know sometimes people think these getting ready photos aren't necessary - but getting ready photos have all the perks! Looking your best, enjoying the slowness of the morning, and having all those different candid moments.

Part 2: The nervous Groom

Once I have enough photos of people getting ready, I make my way to the next batch of people. Either they are getting ready, or I meet them at the ceremony location for more candid moments. In this case, Nick was patiently waiting down by the river greeting all of his guests. Here is my Wedding Photography before the ceremony started!

Part 3: The Wedding Ceremony Begins

Before anyone knows it, the kiddos are walking down the aisle with their flowers and rings, and the ceremony begins. For this part of the ceremony, I have a zoom lens so I don't have to block anyone's view of the bride and groom. This way, I can still get all the wedding photographs I want!

Part 4: Family Photos

After the ceremony, it is important to get Wedding Photographs of the family members! This is because there is always downtime between the ceremony and the cocktail hour or dinner. I always leave time for hugs and laughter, but once that turns to relaxed conversations, I take the family members and get the family photos done within 20 minutes! Nice and quick.

Part 5: Surprise Helicopter Ride

When Shelly started planning the wedding, she knew she wanted to do something extra special. She wanted Wedding Photos on top of a mountain! After some intense planning, she managed to completely surprise Nick on the day.

Because I knew this was happening, I had to bring all the family members to the field where the helicopter was picking us up! I probably seemed like a crazy Wedding Photographer because I just kept taking photos while I heard the helicopter in the distance. I had to make sure everyone stayed put until it landed!

Once it started its descent, Nick finally understood what was happening and oh man, was he ever surprised!

Part 6: On Top of the World

We flew to the top of Mount Kusam located in Sayward overlooking the vast ocean. What a view. Activities on a mountaintop helicopter wedding trip involve: taking in the scenery, standing on the edge of the world, feeling lighter than air, popping champagne, breathing in fresh air, intimate moments where you're the only two people on earth, laughing, laying in the flowers, and of course, getting amazing Wedding Photography done.

Part 7: Reception Time

Thanks to 49 North Helicopters, the Bride, Groom and Wedding Photographer were safely delivered right to the reception area making for quite a dramatic entrance.

The rest of the night included: Plenty of food, cake, drinks, wedding day golf, and dancing.. lots and lots of dancing!

As a Wedding Photographer, I take this time to get countless candid photos and detail shots. Often times people will want to pose for the photos when they see a Wedding Photographer walk by, so there's a great mix.

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