Couple Photos at Panama Flats

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Victoria BC Photographer | Sydney & Keaton

Couple Photography in Victoria, BC

Many people only think about hiring a professional photographer for special occasions, such as wedding photography, engagements, maternity shoots, and more. It is easy to forget that the important day to day moments are worth capturing too.

Couple photos is just one example of this. Yes, I know iphones can take great images and thank goodness we have that kind of technology now a days but nothing beats the feeling that comes from receiving 107 high-quality images of you and the person you love.

"From the start of our session with Hayley to the moment we were printing and hanging the photos you couldn’t wipe the smile off of our faces!"

Sydney and Keaton met in Victoria, BC while attending University. They are both incredibly outdoorsy people so we wanted photos somewhere stunning and in their element. What could be better than a golden hour shoot?

Victoria is filled with countless hidden gems when it comes to the outdoors. Living here for the last four years has left me on countless explorations to find these special locations.

Panama Flats is a mix between conserved rural land, a popular birdwatching location, an ice skating lake in the winter, and for me, a beautiful location for photography in the long yellow grass and cherry blossom trees.

Couple Photos are Important

Don't let all the memories of your relationship live on your cellphone. You can have unposed, comfortable and natural portraits that capture the way relationship really is.

Plus, have you ever tried to print out an iPhone photo? It's much easier when the images come from a high-quality camera.

Although I can guide people with certain poses to start with, I mostly gave these two light instructions, conversations, or prompts to try. This gave them the freedom to do what they wanted and have the images reflect their relationship and personalities so well. They were truly being themselves.

These two were naturals in front of the camera. I don't think either one of us stopped smiling during this photography session. They were themselves the entire time, laughing and just having fun.

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