The Most Creative COVID Wedding Ideas from a Wedding Photographer

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

With the COVID pandemic in 2020, wedding plans were completely tossed out the window. The majority of my wedding photography clients decided postponed, elopement or significantly cut their guest list.

While photographing weddings this year, one beautiful part was witnessing all of the most creative ideas during a COVID wedding. Here are a few ideas that you can utilize in your wedding plans while the future of weddings is still unknown.

Cute Sanitizing Stations

We understand the need for sanitation and cleanliness in the pandemic. You will want your wedding guests to sanitize their hands before entering. For that purpose, you can decorate and put up cute sanitation stations.

DIY Wedding Masks

As everybody will be wearing masks, why not use this to our benefit and create the most unusual and beautiful custom masks. This will not only help you follow SOP’s but it will also add color to the ceremony. For example, you could print "Tyler & Erin August 2020" on your face masks.

Live Stream Your Wedding

Live streaming weddings has become much more accessable. It is pretty easy to live stream through Facebook, Zoom, or other platforms for your family and friends to watch. This will reduce the workload and you can include as many guests as you want in the live stream. As a wedding photography, I also shoot film and do wedding videography.

If I am photographing your wedding, I can also film the two of you reading your vows for everyone to see. This leads me to my next point.

Hire a Wedding Videographer

Why not just hire a wedding videographer (such as myself)? If you have the room in your budget due to shrinking your guest list, this may be the perfect addition. Wedding videos really help you and all your guests get a sense of how the entire day went. You can watch some wedding videos or 'highlight' videos here.

Wedding Videographer on top of Mountain filming newly weds. Flew from Campbell River, BC.

Rent Out A Food Truck

You don't want your wedding guests breathing, sneezing, or touching all of the food like a typical buffet style. Hiring a food truck prevents people from touching hands and it will also give you a range of food options. It is easy on the budget and people can get their very own buffet by ordering what they want.

Hire A Musician For Your Wedding Day

Instead of hiring a DJ for the entire day, why not hire a live musician? The live music can truly be enjoyed by guests as they will be easier to listen to!

Backyard Dance and BBQ

I have photographed a variety of backyard weddings. Often times, the backyard needed to be very big in order to fit large groups of people. With wedding guest numbers shrinking, you can now utilize a regular size backyard and transform it into a dance floor. Put up speakers and blast your favorite album for the night, hire a friend as a DJ, and let's not forget to have some dedicated BBQ-er's. Having a BBQ with your very best friends and family makes for a wonderful, memorable wedding night.

Personalize and Customize Everything

From small things like invitation cards and seating cards to the bigger things like garlands and focus points, you can customize everything according to your choice. It will stand-out from other weddings.

Use Fireworks

Who doesn't love fireworks? Fireworks can be a great addition to your wedding. This will add that extra "wow" factor at your wedding and keep the evening exciting! Wedding photography looks more dramatic with bright colours behind you too.

Outdoor Photo Booth

An outdoor photo booth with cute props to go with it can be a fun addition for your wedding guests. When you hire me as a wedding photographer, I can spend some time walking by the booth and capturing photos of the guests with their props. Adding a flash to these photos really gives it that "That looked like such a fun wedding" feel!

Multiple Day Wedding

Can’t seem to shorten your guest list? No problem, weddings can be what you want them to be. Many couples in 2020 have planned multi-day wedding celebrations. They are choosing to divide guests when it comes to celebrating different aspects of the wedding day. You can have a small elopement with your closest family members, then another with your closest friends, and so on.

Book A Helicopter Trip To The Top Of A Mountain

Make your wedding photos really pop - well, make your entire wedding day memorable with a helicopter tour around various mountains. Why not fly to the top of a mountain for 1 hour of stunning views, intimate moments, and stunning wedding photography.

Wedding Photography on top of a mountain! Wedding elopement from Campbell River BC, newly weds are standing on a mountain overlooking the ocean.

By utilizing these new ideas, you can create new traditions and add a little pizaz to your day. It can potentially be more memorable and meaningful than you hoped it would be.

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