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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Campbell River Wedding Photographer takes photos of newly weds getting married on top of a mountain. 49 North Helicopters flew a group of us to a mountain top.

On July 18th, 2020 Danielle, Reid, Craig Gillis, Erin Wallis, and myself set off on an adventure with 49 North Helicopters from Campbell River, BC all the way to the top of Mount Hayes.

The year 2020 hit hard for a lot of weddings. This couple, Danielle and Reid Swanson, adapted ever so quickly. This Campbell River couple was planning their wedding on Quadra Island initially. They had a large yet intimate Gowlland Harbour Wedding planned with all their friends and family. As news of COVID quickly spread, they started to play with the idea of postponing their wedding. But NOPE. This couple wanted to be married this year, and dammit they did it.

Wedding Officiant: Craig Gillis

Wedding Photographer: Erin Wallis

Wedding Videographer: Hayley Zumkeller

Helicopter Company: 49 North Helicopters

Being my first Helicopter ride, I was slightly terrified. Erin was a calming presence on the flight as she assured me we would be okay. Erin is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever met. If you've seen her work, you'd know what I am talking about! She has photographed her fair share of helicopter weddings.

I was the Wedding Videographer during this mountaintop elopement. I filmed for roughly 3 hours while the bride and groom got ready in the Helicopter hanger until we arrived safely back home.

How to Plan a Mountaintop Elopement

or a Wedding Day Helicopter Ride

It is easier than you might think. This is what the mountaintop elopement looked like:

1. Arrive at 49 North Helicopters and sign forms - 30 minutes

2. Safety Instructions and getting settled in the Helicopter - 15 minutes

3. Fly to Mountaintop and enjoy the view - 35 minutes

4. Land the helicopter, stetch legs, find the perfect location for photos - 10 minutes

5. Wedding Ceremony and vows - 25 minutes

6. Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography - 45 minutes

This step includes popping champagne, listening to music, and a lot of kissing

7. Fly back home - 35 minutes

This is the wedding video I took that covers the entire day. If you were considering a Mountaintop Helicopter Elopement, this is typically what your day might look like!

Also, if you are considering hiring a Wedding Videographer, this is also the style of video you will receive! Click here to see more on Wedding Videos.

What to Bring on Your Mountaintop Helicopter Elopement

1. Bring bug spay

you'd be surprised how many mosquitos can be found at the top of a mountain

2. Bring a speaker and have your favourite playlist ready.

It's always nice to have music to intensify your experience

3. Bring your Wedding Photographer and/or Wedding Videographer. This is probably a gimme, but I had to say it!

4. Champagne is king. Or your favourite beverage. It's really quite something to pop some champagne at the top of a mountain.

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