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Marisa and Josh: The perfect island Wedding at McIvor Lake, BC

What did you like most about working with me - Your Wedding Videographer?

I loved how easy you were to communicate with and work with.

I feel like you seamlessly fit into the day and I appreciated that you were also helpful and friendly (especially with the kids who LOVED you and still go around practicing taking videos like Hayley)

SO much more than just a videographer for us

Wedding Videography: Full 11-Minute Wedding Video

What Were Your Favourite Moments From Your Wedding Day?

1. First look: having those moments of just us was exceptional, I will forever recommend a first look. Taking a moment to just be us quietly and soak in the beautiful life we've created before officially making things official was special.

2. Josh's letter he wrote to me (that I opened up and read quietly at dinner) was written on the back of a recycled love note/picture that he had drawn and given to me in high school that I had kept. He found it and gave it back to me again with a love letter on our wedding day.

3. Having Charlie and Benen be a part of it all as unofficial best man/maid of honor: Benen refers to the event as "our" wedding as a collective family (haha!). Benen being adorable and fumbling the rings in his ring bear/best man duties. Charlie being an exceptional 8-month-old, and going with the flow of the day, napping on josh's back or in the sling as needed.

4. Truly feeling the love of not only one another but of our family that was there to celebrate us, I feel like everyone had been rooting for us to make it official already for a long time haha.

Did Anything Surprise You About Your Wedding Day?

We were both surprised at how laid back and relaxed the day felt as a whole. I think I was anticipating feeling rushed and that the day would pass us by quickly.

It definitely flew by but we both felt like we truly got to soak in and live and be present in each and all the moments that made up our day.

It's such a bonus to have a video to reflect the day exactly as how we remember it lived in real time for years to come.

What advice would you give to future couples for their wedding?

Enjoy your day. You've spent all the time planning and fine-tuning the details, be present and enjoy all your hard work and soak in the moments.

Were you nervous? If so, how did you get rid of the nerves?

Not even a little bit x2. I think more so giddy excitement was felt by both of us. It was a day that we got to hang out and celebrate finally making things official with our family. Making eye contact with one other frequently throughout the day was grounding and affirming. I think deep breaths, laughs and champagne also help.

4 Minute Wedding Video Highlights

What were your favourite wedding details?

1. Cheap ($60) dress online that worked out perfectly, nothing fancy

2. When the sun broke through the clouds and beamed down during the signing portion of the ceremony (this felt exceptionally special because Carter was supposed to sign as on of our witnesses)

3. Intimate champagne toast before heading up to the dinner tent

4. Floral headpieces for myself and nieces/flower girls

5. Having a picture of Carter in my beautiful bouquet

6. Head table backdrop of photos from our almost 12 years together

Who were the Vancouver Island Wedding Vendors that made your day possible?

Cake & donuts-- Julys girl cake co

Floral-- Campbell River Florist

Photography-- Wild Shay Photography

Videography-- Hayley Zumkeller

Catered Salads-- Online gourmet catering

Salmon Dinner -- MOWI Canada

West Dinner + Food platters -- Save on Foods

Hair and Makeup --- Carol and team at A Cut Above

Table, chairs, and decor-- All in One Party Shop

Balloon Garland -- Paula at the Party Shop

Venue-- Beautiful friend and family-owned Mcivor lake residence

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As both a Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, I always think a video is necessary. Here are a few reasons why I believe this:

  • You can relive the Wedding Day over and over again

  • The Wedding Video becomes a family keepsake

  • It captures moments that you may have missed or forgotten about

  • You can share the Wedding Video with those who couldn't make it.

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