Campbell River Maternity Photos

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Campbell River Maternity Photography

As a local Maternity Photographer in Campbell River, British Columbia, I am always looking for a location for dramatic images. Before this session I was scouting out Cherry Blossom tree locations, but because there was a wind storm a few days before, all the trees were bare.

While driving along the inland island highway in Campbell River, I noticed a field of dandelions. Now usually a few dandelions would barely affect a maternity photography shoot, but thousands of them would.

I have two goals with Maternity Photography:

  1. Capture adorable Family Photos

  2. Capture dramatic photos of the momma absolutely glowing

Here is where I focused on the Family Photography during this session.

How precious are these? This family was incredibly easy to photograph, they were always themselves. They rolled with the punches and by that I mean they never forced any pictures. They were genuinely enjoying their time together as if I wasn't even there.

Maternity Photographer in Campbell River, BC

Stunning Maternity Photoshoot in Campbell River, BC

This maternity photoshoot is a game changer for me. I fell in love with this style of photography all over again. In a way, we had to overcome some challenges. We were both under the impression that the Cherry Blossom trees were gone, which was disheartening as Natalie and I both loved those trees and had envisioned them for photos.

The field of thousands of dandelions proved to be much more special. With the help of Dexter and his excellent skills of scattering the dandelion seeds in the air, we would have never captured these Maternity Photos.

I can't express how excited I am with how these photos turned out. This photoshoot was smooth right from the get go. Natalie and I were on the same level. Right before we started she shared images from other maternity shoots that she loved and I realized that I had saved almost every maternity photo that she had.

But none of those Pinterest photos were anything like these ones..

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