Campbell River Portraits

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Campbell River BC Photographer | Rhaya

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Rhaya to help capture her 'brand.' We took the photos near the driftwood beach in Campbell River, BC where I grew up alongside Rhaya. She held me as a baby and was my friend while we grew up together at the cabin, and each other's houses. Our parents have been best friends their entire lives so naturally we were too.

As I grew up, we slowly separated. She was a few years older than me which makes a huge difference when one of you is in high school and the other is in elementary school. But I still looked up to her. She was living an accomplished life that I thought was perfect. Especially when she moved to Vancouver to get her masters degree.

She was inspirational. I would hear my mom rave about her accomplishments, working hard to earn money while pursuing her degree. When she graduated, she took a trip to celebrate. While exploring Bali, Indonesia, she made the tough but incredible decision to stay and start another part of her journey.

Personally, I've always been jealous of people who have the confidence and strength to move to another country. It's a huge life decision, leaving the comfort of home being close to friends and family to pursue a life that will bring you true happiness. This is just another reason to look up to this strong woman.

And now here we are today, photographing images to capture Rhaya's personality and softness which is content for her new website launch. She is a therapist and life coach helping people access self love, ease, and confidence. She lives life with a calm mind and a heart open to herself and others.

During every stage of her life, Rhaya has been on her own journey of personal growth and self-development which perfectly fit into the career she has created for herself. This, and the fact that she spent her entire professional career working in mental health, has given her a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Being inspired by her everyday, it is clear that she has mastered practices that bring health to the body, mind and soul. Just being with her brings a sense of ease and openness. Check out Rhaya Lynn if this you'd like to connect with this wonderful person!

At the end of this photoshoot, we spent time eating chips on the beach catching up. She somehow remembered my favourite flavour of chips after all this time. I still have no idea how but it's that type of personal care that she brings to every encounter.

"This was my first time doing a photoshoot with Hayley, and she made me feel so incredibly comfortable! You would absolutely not be able to tell that I was a little nervous for the shoot!"

"The photos came out better than I imagined. The colours, the quality, the diversity in the images. All spectacular. If you’ve ever felt a little too shy to have photos taken of yourself, Hayley is absolutely your go-to to conquer that fear."

⁃Rhaya Lynn

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