10 Reasons to plan a Micro Wedding or a Wedding Elopement

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Future brides and grooms, I understand that you may have had this intricate, large wedding planned for all of your family members and friends, or that was a dream of yours all along. Now, I love a huge wedding as much as the next person, but I think there is a lot of beauty in a micro wedding. Here are my top ten reasons why wedding elopements and micro weddings are a great choice.

1. A Profound and Unforgettable Wedding Day

The smaller the wedding, the more time there is to focus on your partner. All the additional time saved that would usually be spent with friends and family, can now be time for more profound moments. As a wedding photographer, this just means I get to capture more and more candid moments as well.

You can also choose an unforgettable location that you otherwise could not if you had to invite 40+ guests. For example, I photographed a mountaintop elopement in Campbell River this summer which would would not be possible if there were more guests.

2. Social Anxiety During Your Wedding Can Fade Away

If you don't like being the centre of attention, a micro wedding or elopement might be a great idea for you. Social anxiety is very real, especially during a wedding day. So much so, that when I show couples some of their wedding photos, they tell me they 'blacked out' when the ceremony began and barely remember those moments. When you invite a few friends or family members, these fears can ultimately fade away.

3. Micro Weddings and Elopements are Ideal for Busy Couples

Planning a wedding is time consuming, but you probably know this already. However, micro weddings and elopements are much simpler, especially when hiring a wedding planner with pre-planned packages.

As a wedding photographer, many of my clients spent an entire year planning their wedding but once the summer of 2020 came around, they somehow managed to plan micro weddings and elopements within weeks. All I'm saying is, if you are looking to spend less time planning and more time relaxing and enjoying your engagement, a smaller wedding will definitely help.

4. No Expectations

Micro weddings and wedding elopements come up with no expectations. There is no pressure to have this large wedding day go exactly as planned.

I also saw someone make a funny point that "it is possible to enjoy your wedding now with nobody making a comparison to your cousin's wedding." Hopefully, that thought wouldn't cross someone's mind, but hey, maybe that's a weight off your shoulders.

5. Wedding Location of your Choice

Choose any location for your wedding ceremony, literally anywhere! Are you in the mood for the beach, a mountaintop, or how at the restaurant where you have proposed? A smaller reception can take place in a lot of unique places. It makes for some really unique wedding photography from the day.

6. Enjoy all of the Wedding Traditions

The first look, the first dances, cake cutting, wedding toast and wedding speeches, and more. There are so many really fantastic wedding traditions but sometimes with big weddings, it feels like people are just checking each tradition off their list. People can speed through these for a few different reasons:

  1. They don't actually want to do that wedding tradition but feel like they need to in order to keep guests happy and entertained

  2. You want to do those traditions but don't like having that many people watching you, taking photos of you, filming your every move.

With less 'eyes on you,' you can decide which wedding traditions are actually important to you, feel more relaxed and enjoy those traditions, and feel less pressure while doing them.

7. Managing Wedding Postponements Easily

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we need to be able to adjust quickly and go with the flow. When you have a smaller guest list, it is much easier to postpone or reschedule the wedding. Plus, if you hire a flexible wedding photographer like myself, you can rest assured that you will still have the perfect day.

8. Budget-Friendly Wedding

You are probably aware that the number of guests plays an essential role in your wedding budget. The price can change drastically with additional editorials, flowers, size of the wedding venue, catering, and more.

If you aim for a micro wedding or wedding elopement, then there will certainly be more room for budget. You can use the additional money for other vendors that you've always wanted, more time to hire your wedding photographer, or just extra wiggle room for your honeymoon.

9. You can Avoid Estranged Family Relationships

Some families are very close, but sometimes there are a few family members you really don't know. In order to avoid uncomfortable situations, having a micro wedding gives you the opportunity to only invite the MOST important people to your wedding. Fill your wedding day with supportive family and friends, and have a perfectly good reason to tell those people who were not invited to the wedding.

10. More Face Time With Guests At Your Wedding

If having meaningful conversation and connection with everyone at your wedding is a priority, then this becomes increasingly difficult as your guest list gets longer. When you keep your list short, you can truly enjoy the company of all your guests. This also allows them to feel like they played a large role in your wedding day. It's a win-win situation.

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