I don't have to tell you that life goes by quickly. Before you know it, your kids are moving out of the house starting their own lives. Children go through so many stages, and these can change year to year, even week to week. One week they are quiet, patient, and love wearing the colour blue - the next moment they are loud, independent, cheeky, and only want to draw. 

As a parent, these moments go by in the blink of an eye. I want to help document your family how you are this year. My photography shoots are more of an experience, where you can enjoy downtime with your family away from the hustle and bustle of life. During these sessions, I will help guide you through certain poses and prompts, while also allowing for natural candid moments. 

As a photographer, I am energetic and passionate about what I do. Let's create bold and memorable photos together, while also having a great time! Feel free to bring your children's favourite activities.


For younger families, how about a picnic, some favourite snacks, and favourite activities. Does your child love playing catch with you? Decorating cupcakes? How about dancing, or colouring?


For the older families, do you have any favourite activities to do together? Hiking, swimming, painting, beach fires? Let's incorporate this into a session! Feel free to bring your favourite drinks and snacks as well.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a typical family photography package entail?

I offer family photography sessions for whatever you are looking for! I have mini sessions that last 20 minutes, along with longer sessions that can last an hour and a half. It all depends on what you are looking for. Family photoshoots can happen at one location, or even two depending on the area you'd like to be in. Here is a rough estimate of what your photoshoot could look like: Mini Family Photoshoot Package: 15-20 minutes of photography 15 high-res edited images Regular Family Photography Package: Up to 1 hour of photography 35 professionally edited images Up to 5 people Large Family Photography Package (6+ people) 1 to 1.5 hours of photography 60 professional edited images 1 Outfit change if wanted Option to have up to 10 people

When do we receive our family photos?

You will receive your family photos roughly one month after the session takes place, but often times it can be much sooner. It takes time to sort through every image and pick out the best ones, edit them, and upload them to your digital album!

How can I prepare for my family photoshoot?

There are too many options when it comes to preparing for a photoshoot. I have created a comprehensive checklist for how you can prepare for your family photo session. I walk you through every step starting before the session, how to act during, and what to expect after. In the checklist, I go into more detail on the following tips: Before the Family Photoshoot: Get the family excited Potential hair, nail or makeup appointments Plan your outfits Come well rested and fed What to Bring to the Family Photo Session: Snacks Items to keep the children comfortable Change of clothes just in case Cider, Wine, or Beer for the older members? Find out more details on these tips, as well as how to act during the photo shoot and what to expect after on my blog!

What do we wear to a family photo session?

This is the ultimate question I receive before a photoshoot. What on earth do we wear? I have a few ideas on my blog "What to Wear for a Family Photo Shoot" that will help guide your outfit decisions here. A few quick tips. Dress for the weather, choose complimentary colours rather than matching everyone with the same colour clothing, layer your outfits, and potentially match the colour to the photoshoot location.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the best place to take family photos?

There are endless opportunities for family photoshoot locations in Campbell River or Victoria, BC. As a photographer that loves natural lighting, we do not have a shortage of beautiful outdoor locations. I love the beach, along the river, in the forest, by the lake, in front of the ocean or up on a mountain top. If you have a place in mind, we can do it! I also recognize that people love indoor shoots in their homes. I would be happy to come to your home and photograph your family in your natural habitat. This way, if you have young children, they will be extra comfortable in front of the camera. We can also go to a location that is meaningful to your family. If you spend every weekend walking the same trail together, or you spend your summer afternoons at a certain beach, we can go there for family photos!

How much does a family photoshoot cost?

It depends if you are looking for a mini session or a large family session, whether you only want a few images, or the entire gallery! Prices start at $290.

What is your family photography style?

When it comes to family photography, and all photogrpahy for that manner, I love to utilize natural light to create vibrant, positive, bold images. My photos embody your personalities and represent your family the way you really are. I love organic, candid moments but I always make sure to offer direction for those families who need guidance.

What do people like about your family photo sessions?

​"Hayley scouted a few different places and gave us some beautiful options to choose from for our family photos, you can really tell that she puts a lot of time into finding a spot that everyone will love. The most impressive part about the whole experience though, is how comfortable she made us all feel in front of the camera. We were all fairly nervous prior to showing up, but we ended up laughing and having a great time, which led to beautifully done family photos thanks to Hayley. I highly recommend Hayley for any photography needs. Her professionalism, ease in front of the camera, and overall work in both capturing wonderful shots as well as creating beautiful edits made for a wonderful experience." - The Boyds "We had a family photoshoot with Hayley and it was an extremely positive and fun experience. My husband hates getting his photo taken and he enjoyed Hayley's fun and easy going, down to earth vibe. Our photos were fun and natural. Nothing was overly posed. She captured so many great photos of our daughter it was hard to limit how many to frame. Another thing I truly love about Hayley is she gave us many photos to choose from. Highly recommend!!" - Karina M. "I found Hayley's page while searching for a family photographer and absolutely loved her style. After sending her a quick note about availability she was SUPER responsive and communicative. She has an eye for beautiful locations and picked the perfect spot for the photos I was hoping for. She was professional and engaging during the session and helped everyone feel comfortable, and of course captured some amazing moments! I will 100% book with her for photos while we are back on the island in the future!" - Laura N.