What makes you the right fit for our Engagement Photographer?

You are looking for...

  • Great value and quality engagement photos 

  • A large selection of bold and natural engagemet images to choose from, not just 10-20 photos

  • A fun, easy-going engagement photographer that will guide you through the best poses while still capturing the way you really are together

  • Photos that look as good as the ones on Pinterest and Instagram, but in these ones, you are the star of the show

  • An engagement photoshoot that you will actually look forward to and create memories in

Now that you have a ring on your finger, you're looking for an engagement photographer in Campbell River, or Victoria, BC. You might also be curious about the best locations for engagement photos. Let me tell you, the options are endless anywhere on Vancouver Island. But let's not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. As an engagement photographer, I like to keep it natural and fun for you. If you need some guidance, I will be there to tell you what to do! If you want more natural, I can offer simple 'prompts' to get you two moving. The engagement photoshoot is more of an experience with me. If you have questions about pricing, engagement + wedding packages, great locations, or anything really, let's talk! 

Where should we take our Engagement Pictures? 

You cannot go wrong with engagement photos in Campbell River or Victoria, or really anywhere across the island. We have some beautiful outdoor locations. I specialize in natural lighting so anywhere at the beach, in the forest, along the river, on a mountain top, you name it and we can do it. 

Also it might be nice to choose a engagement photo location that is meaningful to the both of you. For example, I had a couple choose a beach in Campbell River to take the photos because that is where they got engaged. Other ideas include your favourite location to walk, your first date location, where you met, where you spent one of your favourite days together. 

How long is an engagement photo session? 

Typically an engagement session is between 30-60 minutes depending on the location. If we end up having to walk around, the session will typically be longer than if we are in one specific location. 

What is the best time of day for engagement photos?

Rule of thumb: If it is a sunny day, let's shoot for golden hour! Photographing engagement photos 1 hour before sunset makes for a wide variety of colours and beautiful sunlight. 

If it is a cloudy day, the middle of the day is a great time. There is so much natural light at this time that all the photos will be bright but without anyone having to squint from the sun. I love cloudy photos because there aren't any shadows on your faces!

What do we wear for our engagement photo shoot? 

Outfits are an important consideration before your engagement shoot. The details of your outfit or accessories can add a lot to the engagement photos. Here are a few tips:

1. Bring multiple outfits to change into if you are stuck with knowing what to wear. There is time to change during the shoot.

2. Dress to your personality and what makes you feel good. 

3. Try your best to colour-coordinate. I don't think you should match your outfits completely, but the colours you choose should work well together. 

4. Try to wear accessories if you are comfortable with that. Your favourite hat, scarf, necklace, braceletes, and more can really help make an image pop. All the little details make for wonderful engagement photos with lots of variety. 

I have a specific engagement photo in mind.

Of course. If you have a pinterest board filled with engagement photos, or you want to copy your parents' old photos, we can do it all! Just send them my way and we will make it happen. 

Should we bring props to our engagement session?


Props are definitely encouraged. Engagement photos do not need to be awkward and posed anymore. We can use whatever items are important to you. Pets, favourite beverages or snacks, blankets, instruments, sporting goods and more. This can help enhance the mood but also not necessary! Again, it's all up to you. 

When will we receive our engagement photos?

Typically, it takes me roughly 2-6 weeks to edit all of your images depending on what month it is. If you need a rush order because you have a print deadline for 'save the date' cards, then just let me know! 

How do we make the most out of our engagement session?

I want to capture the real you, how you are together truly. Instead of posing you exactly, I will give you some creative direction and maybe a prompt or two, then just let it happen. 

I won't lie, being in front of the camera at first can be a bit awkward. Just remember that I have been photographing engagement shoots for years now and it feels so natural to me - I am not judging you in any way. I will ease you into the shoot and by the end, you'll both be 'models.' Don't be afraid to get extra cuddly, or just keep laughing. This time is about the two of you really feeling all the love.