Frequently asked questions

Why Should We Book A Couple Photography Session?

Couple Photos are Important. Don't let all the memories of your relationship live on your cellphone. I know you probably hate how you only have nice photos together when it's an event, and you have a friend snap a quick picture of the two of you. Don't you think it's time for a professional, unposed photoshoot together? I capture natural and comfortable portraits, the way your relationship really is. I offer guidance in certain positions. These light instructions, prompts, or conversations ease you two into the photoshoot until you completely forget I'm there. I want you to be yourselves. This is your sign to book some photos together!

Where Should We Take Our Couple Photos?

There are countless photoshoot locations in Campbell River, Victoria, or anywhere else on the island. I specialize in outdoor, natural photography. I love the beach, along the river, at the lake, on a mountain top, you name it. We can do your Couple Photography wherever you'd like! We can also choose a location for your couple photoshoot that is meaningful to both of you. If your first date was in a certain part of Victoria, why don't we go there? Other ideas include locations of your favourite areas to go for walks, where you met, where you spend most weekends together, and more.

How Long Is A Couple Photography Session?

Typically a Couple Photography Session is between 30-60 minutes depending on the location. If we end up having to walk around, the session will typically be longer than if we are in one specific location.

What Makes You The Right Fit As Our Couple Photographer?

We would work well together if you are looking for: A large selection of photos (upwards of 80+) A fun, easy-going photographer that will guide you through the session but still capture the way you really are Photos that capture the two of you better than you thought possible, very picturesque A photoshoot that you actually look forward to and create memories during that time As a Couple Photographer, I keep things light, airy, natural, fun. I will be there to provide guidance during the photoshoot but I make it so that you do what you usually do! Simple prompts can help bring out your personalities. I want this Couples Photoshoot to be an experience. If you have any questions about pricing, packages, stunning locations, or anything else, let's talk!